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Dot-to-dot activities are both fun and very educational. Most children are more interested in finding the next letter or number on a page if they know that there is a picture at the end of it for them to color. Have fun!

Capital Letter Dot2Dots

Lower Case Dot2Dots

Number Dot2Dots

Windy Day? A-E


Sun A-I


Rabbit A-N

Carrots A-O

Pumpkin A-Z

Water Well A-Z

Butterfly A-Z

Fire Truck A-Z

Mailbox a-e 

Mushroom a-i

 Ladybug a-h     Dog a-j

Shhhh a-j     Fish a-j


Tomatoes a-o

Pig a-t


Cactus a-z

Flower 1-3     Umbrella 1-3

Ice Cream 1-3     Wagon.1-5

Boat 1-5     Tee Pee 1-5

Pumpkin-Eater 1-10

Star 1-10     Moon 1-10

Bat 1-10     Horse 1-10     

The Clock 1-12


Miss Muffet 1-18

Rocket.1-20     Train.1-25

Count by 2's     Duck 2-20     Colt 2-52

Count by 5's     Ax 5-50     Apples 5-100     Water Can 5-100

Count by 10's     House 10-100     Barn 10-100


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