Mazes can be great fun for children. I have started with extremely simple mazes and then increased the level of difficulty with each page. This is a wonderful activity to help children improve their fine motor skills.

Ages 3+    --->

Fish Maze     Bunny Maze

Mountain Maze     Worm Maze

Bed Maze     Garbage Maze

Boat Maze      Flower Maze

 Ages 4+    --->

Bee Maze     Cat Maze

 Airplane Maze     Dog Maze

Earth Maze      Balloon Maze

 Clown Maze     Snail Maze

Water Maze

 Ages 5+    --->

A Lot of Smoke!     Broken Necklace

Catch the Butterfly     Dog Tag

Flower Girl     Lightning!

Lost in Space     Roller blades

Surfing     Put Teddy to Bed

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