Number codes can be simple or very complex. I will give you examples of a simple code and a more complex code. You may use one of these, or you can have even more fun and make up your own.


 A-1    B-2    C-3    D-4    E-5 
 F-6   G-7   H-8   I-9  J-10 
 K-11   L-12   M-13   N-14   O-15 
 P-16  Q-17   R-18  S-19  T-20
 U-21   V-22   W-23   X-24  Y-25

 Try to decode this message.

 __ __ __     __ __ __     __ __!!!                               

 25-15-21        4-9-4        9-20!!!


Now you can try to write a note to a friend (make sure they have a copy of the code), or you can try a more complex one like this...


  A-1    B-16    C-11   D-9   E-2 
 F-18    G-12   H-23    I-3   J-24 
 K-26    L-17    M-10   N-15    O-4
 P-19   Q- 13    R-7    S-6    T-8
 U-5    V-20  W-14   X-22   Y-25 

 Try this one.

 __ __ __     __ __ __     __ __ __ __ __!

   25-4-5          1-7-2           6-10-1-7-8!


Have some fun. Give a friend a code sheet and then start sending messages.